2017 AOP Côtes de Nuits-Villages


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Grapes purchased from a friend with a vineyard Comblanchien, just south of Nuits-Saint-Georges. This is a certified organic vineyard made up of clay and limestone, and is positioned mid-hillside, with 35-year-old vines. Whole bunch maceration for 10-15 days, pressed and then aged for one year in old barrels.

Wow – this is perfection. Beautiful nuits nose full of cherries and exotic spices. So free and expressive. Almost sensual to smell. It's light and elegant but has lots going on. Texture is supple and vibrant, long, with some well integrated tannins. Just finely detailed finesse. Rich fruit, but wrapped up nicely by the tannins. Everything is in perfect balance. You just want to keep drinking this, it's very hard to put the glass down. Feels so light and fresh in the mouth – almost jubey sensation. Looking very pretty with some air, especially in the mouth. Rose petal influence becomes more apparent, and it just keeps unraveling a multitude of pretty floral layers. For the price this is outstanding - one of my favourites.

Pinot Noir
AOP Côtes de Nuits-Villages
2017 AOP Côtes de Nuits-Villages