2020 'Cidre' Brut

La Ferme du Vastel

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A blend of a few different apples from all orchards. The different tanks were sampled and selected, for blending before bottling. The ferment continues in bottle for a few months until the yeasts are dead and there are sufficient bubbles. This is the sweetest of the most recent release, but legally still a Brut.

Darker orange, still super vibrant. The most aromatic of the recent release, with darker, ripe apples and a touch more honey/brown sugar on the nose. Highly toned, very floral, with apple skins in the background. On the palate you notice it is also the most flavourful of the three. The bubbles are gentle. Similar flavour to Paf but more powerful and expressive. This is perhaps a touch sweeter at the front, but drying tannins at the back bring balance. Floral and lifted with hints of brown sugar. Low acidity and finishes dry. The bubbles are super fine and delicate.

2020 'Cidre' Brut