2017 AOC Sancerre 'Akmèniné'

Sébastien Riffault

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Sauvignon blanc from a 3ha parcel in Verdigny. 30 year old vines on average, grown on clay and limestone. 30% botryitis. Direct press, then fermented and aged for two years in tank, then one year in old barrels. Zero SO2.

A lighter amber colour. Smells of fresh lifted fruits, sea breeze and ginger. Smells lighter than usual, rather than tropical or heavy which is nice. Stone fruits. Not as complex as the others, but lighter and easier. Fresh in the mouth – this has great acidity. The fruits taste like they smell – lighter and not too ripe. Mango, peach and papaya – not fermented, but fresh. Nice white pepper, salts and ginger notes as well. Very lifted, this may be the lightest yet. Even some crisp apple in there. A great bridge between Les Quarterons and the others. Not as spicy this year either, more approachable. This is really good! Flavours linger for ever. Long and delicious.

Sauvignon Blanc
AOC Sancerre
2017 AOC Sancerre 'Akmèniné'