2017 AOC Sancerre 'Les Quarterons'

Sébastien Riffault

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Sauvignon Blanc from two parcels totalling 4ha, across Verdigny and Sancerre. 30 year old vines on average, grown on clay and limestone. 20% botryitis. Direct press into stainless steel tank, then élevage for 2 years in tank. Never fined or filtered. 10ppm SO2 at bottling.

Of all the wines, this is probably the closest you'll get to the usual Sancerre style, but it is still completely in a league of its own. If you don't want to stray too far for the norm, then this is an exceptional wine, especially for the price. The myriad of aromas hits you hard with this pretty, and super expressive beauty. Canned fruits, ginger, cooked pineapple. Very clean, some mineral. Highly, highly aromatic. Palate surprises you as it’s super fresh and lifted, with punchy flavours. Fresh lemon, nectarine, peach, ginger are all wrapped up in its wonderful texture. Divine acidity that lingers in every crevice. Length for days, very juicy. Fine mineral detail on finish with a bit of ginger spice. A great wine and perfect entry level for those wanting to discover Sébastien's wines.

Sauvignon Blanc
AOC Sancerre
2017 AOC Sancerre 'Les Quarterons'