2017 AOC Sancerre 'Skeveldra' (Magnum)

Sébastien Riffault

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Sauvignon Blanc from a 1ha parcel in St. Satur. The vines are 50 years old on average and grown on soils with a high content of silex. 50% botrytis. Direct press, then fermented and aged for two years in tank, then one year in old barrels. Zero SO2.

Also lighter in colour. Lightly fragrant rather than spicy and heavy. Fresh sea breeze, dried apricots, cumquat and salted mango on the nose. It’s a subtle but lifted perfume, more refined than 15 and 16. Cooked apricot Danish pastry aromas. To taste it is very fresh, clean and layered. Dusted peach and apricot, salted mango and cool ice. The texture is fine and the rollout is long. Reasonably high acidity, with a little dusting of ginger on the finish – however, less so than in other cuvées. This is quite mineral on the finish too, with the impression of silex at large. All the fruit characters here are less than ripe, providing more freshness than usual. Not as punchy, these are really high quality wines. Love the salty finish. The lightest version I’ve tasted of Skeveldra to date. More citrus than tropical fruit. Mandarin purity, pleasant tartness.

Sauvignon Blanc
AOC Sancerre
2017 AOC Sancerre 'Skeveldra' (Magnum)