Bonnet-Ponson was created in 1956, when André Bonnet married Monique Ponson. André’s family had been growing grapes and making champagne in the Village of Chamery since 1862, and Monique also came from a family who grew grapes in the village of Vrigny. The pair extended their vineyards to 9ha across Chamery, Vrigny and Coulommes la Montagne, growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. They also dug new underground caves, in order to age their Champagne for longer.

For the next 30 years, their son Thierry continued the development of the domaine, with the addition of new caves, and also another hectare of vines – spread out across Chamery, Vrigny and Verzenay.

In 2013 Thierry’s son Cyril joined the domaine, after studying oenology and honing his craft in the south of France. At this point in time, Cyril began converting all the vineyards to Organic. Apart from continuing to make the traditional champagnes that his family has, and that many a client adore, Cyril has recently begun to make some additional wines – a Champagne and Coteaux Champenois without SO2. These are wines of ultimate purity, and beautiful representations of their terroir. Made in small quantities, they are a must for anyone looking for quality wines from the region that are hard to come by, and offer a point of difference for anyone with a keen palate.