Larkin Imports was founded simply because I love natural wine

Larkin Imports was established in 2016, to bring new and exciting wines into Australia. I work directly with the vignerons – predominantly in France - importing their wines exclusively into the country.

I travel to Europe regularly to meet growers - to learn, to taste, and to build long-term relationships and friendships. All wines are made by true artisans, who are custodians of their land. With limited production and huge demand, most wines are brought into Australia in small quantities.

It is my ethos to only collaborate with growers who work organically in the vineyards, and with a very minimalistic approach in the cellar. Quality is paramount, whether the wine is terroir driven or just for pure enjoyment. My aim is to provide my customers with a wide range of styles and varieties - something for everyone, no matter their preference. These are wines that can be found in some of the best restaurants, wine bars and boutique wine shops throughout the world.

All wines are carefully selected by myself and shipped to Australia in temperature controlled containers. They are then rested after shipping, tasted, and only sold once I feel they are ready. I have a huge respect for the amount of work that goes into producing a bottle of wine, and it is essential that the customer sees each wine at its optimum condition. I hope you and your customers enjoy the fruits of these hard-working people's labour.

Our Suppliers

I am working with and supporting farmers and winemakers in France who practice sustainable viticulture. They all practice organic or biodynamic farming. The winemaking itself is done with minimal intervention and no additives are used, except for small amounts of sulfites in some instances. These winemakers are genuine people who aren’t out to make a fortune; they run small operations, look after and care for their environment, and make beautiful hand-crafted artisanal wines.

Our Wine Selection

I look for wines from across the spectrum – wines for everyday drinking and wines for special occasions. Wines that are fun, interesting and different, and always of a high standard. Most importantly, they must provide enjoyment. I am looking for wines that represent true expressions of where they are from. And, as production is small with the winemakers I work with, I am only bringing in small allocations of each wine. It is my pleasure and privilege to be able to showcase and sell these wines in Australia and I hope you enjoy them!