Larkin Imports was founded simply because I love natural wine

For me, natural wines have soul and character. They have a certain energy about them, they are alive, and they are true. They are not forged products, but an honest expression of the variations of any given year. They are not a mass produced commercial product - they are a manifestation of time, provenance and place, guided gently to bottle by the winemaker. And the human factor is more apparent, because the wines are made with love and care, not by a company whose sole motivation is profits.

There has been continuous growth and interest from people all around the world as they become more conscious about what goes into what they drink, as they discover the vitality and purity of these wines. I wanted to be part of this growing movement, as it is something that I am deeply passionate about. And so, I decided to start importing these soulful wines to share with the people of Australia.

Our Suppliers

I am working with and supporting farmers and winemakers in France who practice sustainable viticulture. They all practice organic or biodynamic farming. The winemaking itself is done with minimal intervention and no additives are used, except for small amounts of sulfites in some instances. These winemakers are genuine people who aren’t out to make a fortune; they run small operations, look after and care for their environment, and make beautiful hand-crafted artisanal wines.

Our Wine Selection

I look for wines from across the spectrum – wines for everyday drinking and wines for special occasions. Wines that are fun, interesting and different, and always of a high standard. Most importantly, they must provide enjoyment. I am looking for wines that represent true expressions of where they are from. And, as production is small with the winemakers I work with, I am only bringing in small allocations of each wine. It is my pleasure and privilege to be able to showcase and sell these wines in Australia and I hope you enjoy them!