Philippe Delmée


Loire Valley

Philippe Delmée started making wines in 2008. At the time he was also a maths teacher, living in Brest. He would commute between Brest and Anjou, living out of a Caravan (pictured on the Rozetto cuvée) whilst in Anjou. In 2011 he stopped teaching, allowing him to focus solely on making wine. Aurélien Martin partnered with Philippe for a brief period of time, but in 2017 he moved on to work on some of his own projects.

Philippe has many small plots in several locations around Anjou, all farmed organically. The soils are predominantly schist, and the vines are aged between 12 and 45 years old. He grows Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, and Chenin Blanc, and makes many different cuvées. There are no additives used, except for small amounts of sulfites at only at 20mg/L. There is no fining or filtration either. Most of the wines are extremely fun and easy to drink, except his Chenin’s, which are more serious and rival some of the best in the area. Unfortunately they always sell out too quickly!