Domaine la Taupe


Loire Valley

Bertjan Mol was born and raised in the Netherlands. In 1999 on a trip to France, he tasted his first natural wine. It was a revelation, and led him to create Bruutwijn, one of the first companies in the Netherlands to import natural wines.

As things progress in the way they do, Bert and his wife Nicole, decided they wanted to have a go at making wine themselves. Aware that Bruno Allion (whose wines he imported) was looking to retire, they proposed an offer, and Bruno agreed to let them take over a portion of his Domaine.

Bert, Nicole and their family moved to the Loire, and began working in the vineyards in 2017. Bruno helped them along the way, and 2018 was their first solo vintage. They continue to work as Bruno did – as naturally as possible. This means biodynamic farming, and hands off in the cellar. The wines are fermented spontaneously with their indigenous yeasts, which is often long and slow due to the cold cellar conditions. No additives are used, including SO2 at any stage. There is no fining or filtration, and the wines are bottled by gravity. These are the truest of natural wines that are alive in every sense, and are a direct representation of the terroir and the year that was.