Domaine Léonine



Originally a photographer, Stéphane Morin decided one day that it was time for a change. He wanted to make wine. He studied winemaking in 2005 and at the same time discovered natural wines. He bought 12 hectares of vineyards with some very old vines that had not been previously touched with chemicals. And so, Domaine Léonine was born. Stéphane continues to farm organically on this beautiful site, with no additions in the cellar, apart from a touch of sulfites at bottling. His cellar is above ground, but interestingly he has covered it with a thick layer of soil and grass to keep it cool and to keep the temperature regulated through the warmer months. From a distance it looks like a small hill! Standing on the grass roof looking out over the vines at dusk is breathtaking to say the least. There is a sense of calm, peace and harmony here in this picturesque setting.

Stéphane mainly grows Grenache (noir, gris and blanc), some of the vines being 70 years old. He also grows Macabeu, Syrah and Carignan – some of the Carignan vines are up to 120 years old! The soil types also vary, and this is one of the key factors that can be identified in the wines - the terroir speaks to you. The majority of his wines go through carbonic maceration, which gives them a freshness and vibrancy often not found in wines from this region.