Domaine Saint-Cyr



Pictured here is Raphaël Saint-Cyr, a 4th generation grower, standing in front of vines which his Great Grandfather planted 70 years ago.

Raphaël took the reins from his uncle back in 2008, and immediately began converting all vineyards to organic. Both his uncle and grandfather had become sick – Raphaël was convinced it was from all the chemicals that were being used, and so he was determined to make the switch. In 2012 he received organic certification from Ecocert. These days they are currently converting to biodynamics as well. Raphaël has seen the growers around him change their perspective over the years – at first they told him he didn’t know what he was doing – they then saw how healthy his vineyards and grapes were, especially in more trying weather conditions – and are finally now starting to make the switch themselves. A very slow but positive change for the area.
The family is based in Anse, in the south of Beaujolais. Around the property are 18ha of Beaujolais vineyards – mainly Gamay with some Chardonnay and even some Sauvignon Blanc – Raphaël planted this after seeing it’s potential while working and honing his skills in New Zealand. And then they have another 7ha in the Crus – 5ha in Chénas, 1ha in Morgon and 1ha in Moulin-à-Vent. All vineyards are owned and farmed by the family. 
In regards to the winemaking, Raphaël is making wines that are fresh and more approachable in their youth. The Crus of course, will age superbly too. He is practicing cold carbonic maceration, and depending on the cuvée, is ageing the wines in both tank and old barrels. Nothing is used in the process apart from minimal SO2 just before bottling, and the wines are never fined or filtered.

Not only are these wines extremely well made and super delicious, but they are also very well priced, making them accessible to a wider audience. I'm very pleased to have these in Australia and can't recommend them enough!