2015 Bruno N'Côt

Bruno Allion

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Certified biodynamic Côt (Malbec) from 15 year old vines, grown on clay, silex and limestone. Zero SO2.

Ice cold from fridge. Darker fruit, some forest and chocolate notes. Very vibrant and expressive nose, wild boysenberries very prominent. Sniff deeper and you get bay and liquorice. Not funky at all btw. To drink this is to understand nourishment and digestibility that you can get from wine. No hard edges, just purity – it is alive! Nice acid, coating texture, soft fine tannins, ultra deluxe. I preferred carnyx in 14, and so I ordered magnums of that – why did I not order magnums of this!!! Man, it’s just so delicious, and very feel good to drink. What an example of a primo natural wine…

Loire Valley
Côt (Malbec)
2015 Bruno N'Côt