2015 Carnyx (Magnum)

Bruno Allion

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Grapes hand harvested from 40-year-old vines. Élevage for one year in old barrels. Zero sulfites added.

Very lifted and heavenly nose, spice and the faintest herbaceous notes. Yes, you have red fruits, but this is earthy – but the earth is alive. That smell of moist earth, fresh and alive with microbes. It is ripe, but just on the border and not too ripe. Chocolatey notes and smooth tannins linger in amongst a long traction of sensations. It’s just yummy. Quite floral after some time, and even more lifted. Just keeps opening up. Red cherries and wild strawberries. Not pinot pretty, but cab franc in the free-est and most expressive it can be. No green-ness at all. Day 2: so grippy, so bright and fresh! Bright red cherries are prominent now. On the nose it's so lifted and alive. Frosty berry compote, earth spice and liquorice. Purple magic! Frosty and fleshy, the feeling is so digestible and magical – Outstanding balance! Serve chilled.

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc
2015 Carnyx (Magnum)