2015 VDF 'L'écume des nuits'

Julien Pineau

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Organic Cabernet Franc. Whole bunches macerated for 3 weeks in fibre-glass tanks. Tiny amount of SO2 added at beginning of fermentation, none at bottling.

Soft nose of earth and plums, wild berries and juniper. Smells of deep forest foraging, calm and relaxing. Gentle on the palate, relaxing to drink as well. Soothing texture, with a soft medium tart acidity to finish. The texture is almost thick and nourishing. A wine to drink by the fire, although I prefer this chilled, to give it a nice lift and real sense of freshness. Soul warming. Interestingly, the wine decides to become more alive and energetic on day two! Maybe save some to see if you are disciplined enough!

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc
2015 L'écume des nuits