2015 VDF 'Pinot Noir' (Magnum)

Les Maisons Brûlées

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Certified biodynamic. Selection of the best grapes only, from the Herdeleau parcel, of which the vines are 40 years old. Whole bunch maceration for one month. Pressed, then aged in demi-muid for 19 months. 500 litres only. Only made in Magnums in 2015, and only 24 came into Australia. Rare! Zero SO2.

Wow, this is a seriously good Pinot Noir - you could be forgiven for mistaking this for Burgundy. The nose is deep and intense - luxury, spice, dark berries. Smells ripe, but just the right amount – even the stems are present, but perfectly ripe. Plums, cherries, and that underground Loire cellar smell. Dark chocolate too. Pretty flowers in the background. Full, creamy, taut and nice tannins, with very full mid palate - this is very densely packed, yet remains fresh and lifted. So long and flavourful! Powerful, full of life, and so nice not to be dominated by sulfur or oak! What an excellent example of Pinot Noir. Really evolves over an evening too. When I think of all the expensive pinots around, this is up there and more-so, and way cheaper - especially considering the work that went into it - and it's in Magnum! Will age very well too. Yum!

Loire Valley
Pinot Noir
2015 Pinot Noir (Magnum)