2016 AOC Arbois 'Rebelle'

Domaine de la Touraize

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100% Savagnin from the Petit Curoulet lieu-dit. The vines are 30 years old and grow on blue marl. Direct press with both ferments completed in stainless steel. Transferred to old 228L barrels, and aged in the attic for 30 months without topping up. They were aiming for a sous voile wine, but the veil did not form – however, the wine concentrated but did not oxidise. They transferred it to a cool cellar, and topped up for another 6 months. They say this wine is a small miracle and a happy accident – because it shouldn't have worked. However, the final result is incredible, and perhaps more appetising than if the wine was aged under veil! 

This is really good. Complex and interesting nose that offers notes of lemon, nuts, salt, bruised apple, curry leaf and sea breeze. In the mouth it is so fresh and zippy. Clean and icy, with really outstanding and amazing acidity. Very bright. Apples, lemon, limes, nuts, apricots, mandarins and a salty tang. Apple crunch. Love the saltiness and the gently oxidative notes. This is not heavy or intense – has all the characteristics of a sous voile wine but is very light and bright. The oxidative notes are only gentle and not imposing. Elegant for the style. Mouth-watering and moreish. So many layers, and a really exciting wine to drink.

AOC Arbois
2016 AOC Arbois 'Rebelle'