2016 AOP Arbois 'Zeste de Savagnin'

Domaine de la Touraize

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100% Savagnin from 15 year old vines, grown on blue marl. De-stemmed by hand, and crushed by foot. Macerated for two weeks, then free run and press juice blended. Ferments in tank, then transferred to an old barrel for 36 months. Topped up weekly. Only one barrel made, very rare.

Vibrant orange colour. Luminous. Quite light. Smells very inviting, and restrained. Chamomile, mandarin, apricot, salinity, apples, minerals and delicate spice. Super slippery on the palate. Gentle, fresh, and then creamy, followed by very fine tannins. The tannins are sandy – not coarse, but very smooth and persistent – nice grip, but it’s gentle and comes in waves, rather than being extreme and intense. So well made! Feels like a light red wine, but the cumquat salty tang tells you it’s white. Apples on the palate, and a very fine spicy white pepper finish. The tannins remind me of Carignan style tannins. So smooth, very unique and interesting. You can see why they called it Zeste! Yum!

AOP Arbois
2016 AOP Arbois 'Zeste de Savagnin'