2016 Casus Belli

Antoine Marois

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7% alc. Cidre Tranquille. This is an apple wine, or a still cidre if you prefer. Here the apples are grown on a single orchard made up of marl and alluvium soils, based at the bottom of a valley. Fermentation occurs on natural yeasts in stainless steel, and remains in tank for 5 months. There is no fining, but the cidre receives a light filtration and 30ppm SO2 before bottling to give stability. This is very special and quite unique, something you don’t see every day - it's not for everyone, probably just the adventurous! If you prefer something more easy, go for one of the regular cidres with bubbles.

Beautiful golden colour. Lovely aromas, lots of apples, florals, acacia, honeycomb, caramelised apple skin, a bit of sea wind. Very dry, so much so that there is no sugar at all. Almost bitter on the finish, but after 30 mins that has subsided and it is very smooth. Very clean in the mouth. Shorter mid palate, fine and lean texture, and very subtle to drink. Adult apple juice. It grows on you, and is quite a nice change from wine and beer. A great accompaniment for cheese, and something for those that want a drink with low alcohol. Very bright and floral in the mouth, with nice gentle pectin notes. Becomes much smoother and more enjoyable with time - and because of this I believe a 30 minute decant is best if you are serving the whole bottle. A great aperitif.

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2016 Casus Belli