2016 VDF 'Ni Rouge Ni Blanc Bien au Contraire' (Magnum)

Philippe Delmée

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2/3 Grolleau & 1/3 Chenin, from Le Vigneau and Les Mouettes parcels - both organic. 10 day maceration, then 2/3 into barrel and 1/3 into tank for 8 months, bottled in May 2017.

Light red colour. Very bright and fresh on the nose – watermelon city. When Grolleau is young (and clean) then it has this lifted purple wine gum jubey note – this has it – not sweet or candied though, as it’s balanced by the chenin. This is all bright berries and raspberries, with a bit of a savoury herbal note. Still so lifted! I recommend to drink this cold from the fridge – it has the acidity and freshness of Chenin, and then the berries from the Grolleau. It’s light and very easy – not complex – just super enjoyable and very easy to drink. Glou glou? Perhaps, but really well done. Background notes of nice schisty tension and medium acidity – but all I really think is that I’m drinking watermelon and raspberry juice that has had blueberry skins soaked in it for a bit. Summer time smasher!

Loire Valley
Grolleau, Chenin Blanc
2016 Ni Rouge Ni Blanc Bien au Contraire (Magnum)