2016 Poiré

Côme Isambert

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Organic Pear cider produced with small indigenous pears from Normandy (Plant de Blanc, Rouge Vigné, De Cloche, Gros Blot). Hand harvested, pressed, then fermented in tank, then in bottle for 10 months before disgorgement. Zero SO2.

Super dry and crisp, this is the ultimate refreshment. I love this cider as it has no sweetness, it's more tonic -like. It has all the beautiful subtle pear characteristics, plus nice tannins to give it a gentle structure. It's not filtered, so it has bits in the bottle - but that's completely natural! If you need a refreshing drink for summer - this is it!

Plant de Blanc, Rouge Vigné, De Cloche, Gros Blot
2016 PoirŽ