2016 VDF 'Bruno N'Côt' (Magnum)

Les Jardins de Theseiis

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100% Côt. 20% whole bunch, short maceration in fibreglass, then in old barrels for 18 months. No fining or filtration. Zero SO2.

Leaning towards a darker, inky colour, but vibrant and transparent. Wild blackberries and boysenberries spring out of the glass into your nostrils. Hints of flint and limestone seem to be in there too. Nobody can deny that when a well-made wine has no SO2, that the perfumes are so much more enhanced, free and unharnessed. There is forest in the glass, hints of anise and cocoa dust too. This wine has a beautiful supple texture and a full mid palate, yet remains fresh and light on it’s feet. There is a fine line of minerality in this wine, that is probably the most pronounced out of the whole range. The tannins are dry, and the medium acidity finishes slightly tart, like that of a boysenberry, giving a nice edge to the wine and putting it in perfect balance. While some Malbecs can be thick, this is a trim yet powerful athlete, laced with energy. More of a food wine, and absolutely perfect as we head into Autumn and winter. Yum, yum yum!

Loire Valley
2016 VDF 'Bruno N'Côt' (Magnum)