2016 VDF 'Carnyx'

Les Jardins de Theseiis

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70% Cabernet Franc, 30% Pineau d’Aunis – both 20% whole bunch, co-macerated in fibreglass, and then 18 months in old barrels. No fining or filtration. Zero SO2.

Wow! The blend here is so so good! Mystical spices and perfumes, florals of all sorts. It's so lifted. Roses, cocoa dust, strawberries, white pepper, red fruits - but everything is so well intertwined. Then you drink it and are like "damn!" It's so bright, with so much energy and length for days…. The length just morphed and evolves and trickles through every crevice of your mouth. Carnyx has always been a favourite of mine, but the addition of Pineau d'Aunis has really knocked this out of the park! And it was only added in 2016 as there wasn't much of it - but it really works! There is a little bit of tension and a little bit of tannin, but the wine is so soft and harmonious, and so aromatic in the mouth. It’s magical! I could drink this every day, no issue. Or even just to smell it is enough... well, maybe... And I like it slightly chilled too.

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc, Pineau d'Aunis
2016 VDF 'Carnyx'