2017 VDF 'Fragile' (Magnum)

La Grange aux Belles

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100% Chenin Blanc. Grapes from multiple plots - only the best, most golden grapes are rigorously selected and sorted. Direct press, then fermentation and ageing in old barrels. Bottled with a tiny amount of SO2.

It's hard to beat Chenin from Anjou - that schist does something magic. And here we have beautiful acidity, tension and terroir. Focused and clean, where the fruit takes backstage to the high intensity minerality. Then in the background you have lemon, lime, apple, and a touch of honey – but everything is very subtle and gentle… Fragile if you like… Gentle texture, slight honeyed notes with apples, white flowers, nectarines and medium acidity. The fruit becomes more apparent with time. And then the tension! Last sip you get more fresh lime notes. Absolutely delicious, one of my favourite whites.

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2017 VDF 'Fragile' (Magnum)