2017 Jurassique

Antoine Marois

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6% alc. Brut GC. 5 varieties of apples from an orchard on a steep slope facing south. The soils are shallow and made up of limestone rocks formed during the Jurassic period. First ferment occurs in stainless steel tanks with natural yeasts. The juice remains there for 4-5 months and is occasionally racked. There is a light filtration before bottling. The secondary ferment occurs in bottle, where the cidre also ages for a further 5 months. No disgorgement. 30ppm SO2.

Dry and salty nose. Honey blossoms and florals. Much drier, very fine tiny salty bubbles. Super delicious. Dry with gentle sweetness. Ever so salty on the finish. Very bright and clean too. Tiny lick of maple syrup or perhaps tree sap essence. Very, very classy. Super refined and elegant. Gentle texture, low-medium acidity. Big time winner, this is extremely well made and at the top of its class.

AOP Pays d'Auge
2017 Jurassique