2017 Les Silex

Antoine Marois

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5% alc. Demi-sec. A blend of apples from all orchards. The different tanks were sampled and selected, before being blended 10 days before bottling. The ferment continues in bottle for a few months until the yeasts are dead and there are sufficient bubbles! It’s one of the best cidres I’ve tasted and up there with the big names - do not miss this!

Beautiful colour – very clear. Delicate perfumes, honey drops, apples, flowers. Quite crisp and fresh and super lightweight. You get the sandy mineral influence on the finish. More refined, very easy and delicious. Lingering minerality. Tiny bubbles. Gentle. Minuscule bubbles. Honey, mandarin, florals, blood oranges. More finesse. Very tasty. Mid palate is light but that’s the style and it works really well.

AOP Pays d'Auge
2017 Les Silex