2017 Rozetto

Philippe Delmée

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A rosé pet-nat made from organic Cabernet Franc and Grolleau, grown in Faveraye-Mâchelles and Faye d'Anjou. 24 hour slow press, then bottled in December. Disgorged April 2018.

Amazing vibrant red colour – looks electric. More subtle on the nose with strawberries and cream, and not as candied this year. More like 2015. Strawberries, cherries, loire cellar, cool schist smell. Drier this year – yum. A palate cleanser. Still has a bit of sweetness but only just. Tastes like those strawberry and cream gum lollies – but in a good way! Very fresh, well balanced, the best one yet. Definitely an epic pet-nat. The bubbles fizz on your tongue in a cool schist kind of way, for quite some time after you’ve swallowed. Really good, especially considering the price.

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc, Grolleau
2017 Rozetto