2017 VDF 'Poussière de Lune'

Les Maisons Brûlées

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80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Menu Pineau. Harvested and pressed together, then aged in both tank and foudre. Bottled December 2019. Certified biodynamic. Zero SO2.

Beautiful light orange colour, transparent and frosty looking. It’s limestone, loire cellar, snow, and subtle drops of mandarin. Tiny whiffs of fields that stretch for miles. Meadows of hay and straw. Not a hint of chemical in sight. Pure spring time in green pastures, with sun kiss in the cool of the morning. Salty, briny, icy. Beautiful perfume underneath. Actually like a refined wine from Pierre Beauger. Very immaculate compared to previous vintages. This is pristine. Almost like a lighter version of Riffault, more spring time vibes. Not as much depth as Riffault, but layers and layers of freshness. Tension, limestone, and a tightening palate. A smidge of icy white pepper on the finish to round it out nicely and add another dimension. A unique wine that you need as the weather warms up. Seafood, where are you...

Loire Valley
Sauvignon Blanc, Menu Pineau
2017 VDF 'Poussière de Lune'