2018 AOP Bourgogne rouge ‘Les Lormes’


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Pinot Noir from 36 year old vines in Pommard. De-stemmed with a short maceration. Aged for one year in old barrels and then settled in tank before bottling.

Light red around the edges with depth of colour in the middle. Beautiful perfume of red roses. That heavenly smell of Burgundy… it’s like a million descriptors all rolled into one. Violets linger in the background. Very supple and light, with light red fruits. It's quite hedonistic, yum. This is day two, was enjoying it too much last night to write notes. Subtle savouriness on nose too. So much detailed spice. So light to drink, it's effortless. Perfect combination of perfume, light red fruits and baking spice. I love that it's so light on its feet. Macerated strawberries linger. Some light red cherry fruit too, pips and all. Easy and delicious.

Pinot Noir
AOP Bourgogne
2018 AOP Bourgogne rouge ‘Les Lormes’