2018 AOP Côte de Beaune blanc


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From the height's of Beaune, with grapes purchased from Les Mosnières vineyard, which has been in organic conversion since 2017. The vineyard faces south, and is made up of clay and limestone - the limestone content here is very high. Direct press, fermentation in old barrels for one year. No battonage, no fining or filtration. It was quite a slow fermentation that ended the following Spring, as they don't have temperature control - however this has contributed to extra complexity in the wine. <25mg SO2 added before bottling.

Ocean and butter. Peaches and white nectarine flesh. Limestone technicals. Background apple and nashi. That’s the nose for you. Medium texture, medium weight. Lots of freshness for calibration. Peach and nectarine sorbet. Hint of lemon and honey. So nice and approachable. Plush, but not heavy handed. No sulfur grossness or harshness. This is for people looking to enter the Burgundy world without wasting endless dollars chasing a pipe dream - you will be impressed! So much balance, complexity and loveliness. Very well made, and at this price it deserves some serious attention. Some apple flesh and yellow plum juice snippets come into play later on. Linear details sail through the texture and pour golden acidity at the helm. So much goodness. Yum.

AOP Côte de Beaune
2018 AOP Côte de Beaune blanc