2019 AOP Pernand-Verglesses


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Chardonnay from vines grown on clay, limestone and marl - with grapes purchased from a friend. Aged for one year in old barrels and then settled in tank for two months before bottling.

Lighter colour. More subdued on the nose initially. Deeper. Some flint and nut, but very subtle. Tastes great. Perhaps slightly more linear than the other whites. Also less fruit - more restraint here with every aspect. More serious. Still some lime on rocks, but everything here is wrapped up and a bit shy for now. After a bit of air - sweet fruit, creamy apple, lemon and elderflower. Ripe fruit, delicious. Nose is very subtle still, just a slight sea breeze. Tasty, clean and long. Young but looking smart. For those that like restraint rather than flamboyance. Decanting this one would be beneficial to allow it to really open up.

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2019 AOP Pernand-Verglesses