2019 Bocca di Rosa

Julien Pineau

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A rosé pét-nat made from Cabernet Sauvignon. Direct press, then into tank. Once bottled, the wine finished its ferment, and spent 8 months on the lees. Zero SO2.

It's light in colour, peachy. Tiny, tiny bubbles that seem different from the norm - you'll see. The perfume offers elderflower, peaches and strawberries. You can sense the underground Loire cellar. A hint of salinity too. The bubbles are super fine and gentle on the palate, but linger. Delicate energy. The taste is so good, the same as the nose. But it has something extra about it - the way it feels in your mouth. Something super cool, lots of life. It hints at sweet, then hints at sour - all very subtle. Delicate and easy to drink, but ultimately so unique and delicious! A very special pét-nat, there is nothing quite like it!

Loire Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 Bocca di Rosa