2019 La Grosse Brute

La Ferme du Vastel

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A blend of apples from all orchards. Christophe had the idea to make an extra brut cidre. So he let the ferment run for longer, meaning less residual sugar. The different tanks were sampled and selected, before being blended 10 days before bottling. The ferment continues in bottle for a few months until the yeasts are dead and there are sufficient bubbles. There has been no filtration, and no additions at all with this cidre.

The colour is so vibrant. A beautiful orange, it is glorious to look at. Smells like crushed apples, pectin, with hints of dried apricots and peaches. There are specs of honey, and it is quite floral too. Mildly aromatic, it’s such a nice smell. There is a touch of salinity in the background. Smells very similar to the 2018. The difference here is the taste – this is bone dry – and that’s amazing! This is the ultimate thirst quencher for summer. It’s like a tonic, with a touch of salt. It makes for very easy drinking on a summer day, and when the bottle is finished in 20 minutes, you will probably reach for another... Very drying finish, super pleasing. I think beer lovers will freak out over this. This is such a wonderful artisan product, a true representation of a little slice of Normandy. I can't recommend it enough!

2019 La Grosse Brute