2019 'Paf Le Cidre' Brut

La Ferme du Vastel

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A blend of a few different apples from all orchards. The different tanks were sampled and selected, for blending before bottling. The ferment continues in bottle for a few months until the yeasts are dead and there are sufficient bubbles - and this bottle has plenty!

As always, amazing colour. Luminous orange. Fresh apples and florals, interlaced with honey droplets. Pectin in the back. Lots of bubbles, which are fine, strong and persistent. The taste is bright, fresh and mouth coating, before the drying tannins kick in. So tasty and easy to drink. Very dry, with just a little hint of sweetness at the front. Really refreshing, and very versatile in regards to food matching. Added complexity being 2019, really delicious.

2019 'Paf Le Cidre' Brut