2019 VDF 'Rozetto'

Philippe Delmée

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It’s a still version this year. And it's really good! A blend of Grolleau Gris that was macerated for 5 days, and Cabernet Franc which was direct pressed. Aged in tank.

Beautiful colour. Pale watermelon. Nose doesn’t give too much initially - there is a slight reduction (not funky), before the fruits kick in. Very faintly floral and peachy with some strawberries. Smells like Loire. Then to taste… yum! Such good texture! Watermelon, strawberry, peaches. A touch of gas adds freshness and energy. Frosty. Nice tension on the finish, and a tiny bit of grip. This is a major guzzla! Fresh, heaps of energy, and downright delicious. Screams for summer. If you want a friendly and yummy rosé that is smooth and enticing - you need this. No need to think and analyse - just enjoy!

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc, Grolleau Gris
2019 VDF 'Rozetto'