2020 'La Tête de R'Hache Cidre' Brut

La Ferme du Vastel

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A blend of a few different apples from all orchards. The different tanks were sampled and selected, for blending before bottling. The ferment continues in bottle for a few months until the yeasts are dead and there are sufficient bubbles. Christophe says an 'axe head' (La Tête de R'Hache), in the Cotentin (the peninsula in Normandy where the farm is located), is a person with a slightly hard head - a mule head, a little stubborn, with a little character... So this is a cidre with character!

Electric orange. Subtly fragrant array of apples with gentle florals. Great restraint on the nose. Not too sweet, which is nice. You can smell the skins, and a touch of salinity. To taste it has very fine small bubbles which are quite persistent. Dry, with restrained fruit. It's like a tonic with light flavours and a mineral edge. Shy, rather than in your face. Delicate on the palate, and perhaps the driest of the three on offer today. Not sweet, more flavourful, with a light tannic edge, and a nice touch of salt and bitter. Finishes with welcomed acidity. Very easy drinking, super smooth. I love the super fine bubbles on this one. The lightest, most subtle/restrained of this new release.

2020 'La Tête de R'Hache Cidre' Brut