2020 VDF 'Folles Bulles'

La Folle Berthe

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A light pink pét-nat made from Pineau d’Aunis. Direct press, with ferment beginning in tank. 20ppm SO2 added at this point. Transferred to bottles to finish fermentation – aged in bottle for 8 months and then disgorged.

Light pink colour, with plenty of bubbles. Nose of white strawberries, red apples, musk (reminds me of the pink smoker lollies from New Zealand), and small details of fresh forest. That white pepper note too, signature to the variety. Fluffy mousse, lovely mouth feel. Flavours of strawberry, white pepper and a savoury twist. There is also some Sichuan pepper without the heat. Ultimately fresh, with a mix of mildly sweet and tart fruit throughout. Finishes dry, with long lasting flavours, a crisp sensation and great tension. Very well balanced with excellent restraint, he really is the master of pét-nats. 12% alc.

Loire Valley
Pineau d'Aunis
2020 VDF 'Folles Bulles'