2019 VDF 'Rozetto'

Philippe Delmée

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Everyone's favourite rosé is back - yes, we had the 2019 last year, but this is a separate wine made solely with Cabernet Franc (the previous 2019 release had some Grolleau Gris). Slow direct press, and then aged in tank. The caravan on the label is what Philippe used to live in when he first started making wine!

Light peach colour. Watermelon, strawberry, nectarine and peach on the nose. Soft and enticing. There is a tiny bit of gas, which adds energy. Fresh and easy to drink. 100% scull juice, pure glou glou. Set the timer, because the customer may finish this in 20 minutes and order another bottle. Sweet fruit, easy texture and medium acidity. A steal for the price.

Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc
2019 VDF 'Rozetto'