2021 VDF ‘Amor Fati’

Marie-Lise & Thomas Batardière

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Different to previous years - this is from a tiny plot that Marie-Lise and Thomas planted next to their house, and the first time they have been able to use the grapes. Certified biodynamic. Half of the grapes were macerated for 5 days, the other half were direct pressed. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. They added 2mg/L SO2 at the end of the ferment to prevent high VA. Half raised in tank and half in used barrels. Barrel racked to tank after 11 months and allowed to settle for two months. Not fined or filtered. No SO2 added before bottling (just at end of ferment). 11.5%.

Amor Fati roughly translates to love your fate, or love your destiny. Only tiny quantities made  this year, so they could only sell small amounts to their international importers - there was none for the French market. We only have 36 bottles for all of Australia!

Much lighter this year. Pretty aromas of sage, wild roses and wild berries. Deftness of hand. Purple wine gum refined. Straight and linear, yet full of mid palate flavour. Mineral vein, and tension on finish. Juiciness wrapped up tightly. Fresh soil, earthy edge and pretty floral undertones. A very refined version of an often wild variety. A classy, chilled light red.

Loire Valley
2021 VDF ‘Amor Fati’