2016 VDF 'Blanc de Bruno'

Domaine la Taupe

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100% Romorantin. The first wine made from these young vines – and only a tiny amount made! Whole bunch, direct press, with ferment commencing in fibreglass. Transferred to old barrels for 18 months. Zero SO2.

Intense aromats. Kaffir lime leaf, mandarin and faint basil notes too. Some tropical action going on - like ripe pineapple with a spicy element. Very long, quite viscous too. Honeyed on the nose. So lively in the mouth – for a wine that is this textural, it has excellent acidity to match. Would be great with comté – the saltiness and flavour would match perfectly. Damn, this is really good. Big time food wine, but lots of energy. Quite spicy and honeyed on the palate. Later on some milk bottle lollies, sunshine, florals. Texture super fresh and vibrant. Finishes quite minerally and herbal too. Smells like the sea side on a cool morning. Yum. Very alive, pipes you up. Day two – nose is incredible. Fresh exotic fruits, yellow plums. Mineral herbal finish again. Nose is an elixir. Wow! Plus only 48 bottles came to Australia...

Loire Valley
2016 VDF 'Blanc de Bruno'