2021 AOC Coteaux Champenois 'Chamery Blanc'


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95% Chardonnay with 5% Petit Meslier – all from Chamery. Calcareous, sandy soils. Direct press and co-fermented. Aged in a used barrel for 16 months, without topping up for the final four months. Not fined or filtered, zero added sulphites. Only 500 bottles produced. 11.5% alc.

Wow! Get excited if you like razor sharp whites from the likes of De Moor, Labet, Bruyère-Houillon etc. Except struck by lightning! This has such a beautiful reduction, you know you are in for a good time. Not topping up for the final four months may lead you to believe there may be some oxidative notes, but this is not the case - they are extremely subtle, and are buried in its complexity. In the mouth it is tight and electric, with warp speed tension. High acidity and length that never ends. Extremely straight and linear, but with ample mid palate weight. Pin prick precision, purity and humming with energy. So good to drink now, but I can imagine how absolutely incredible this will be in 5-10 years. Knockout!

AOC Coteaux Champenois
2021 AOC Coteaux Champenois 'Chamery Blanc'