2016 VDF 'Surin'

Domaine la Taupe

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Surin is the local name for Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire- et-Cher region. And if you don't like Sauvignon Blanc, please try this - it will change your view! Whole bunch, direct press, with ferment commencing in fibreglass. Transferred to old barrels for 18 months. Not fined or filtered, bottled by gravity. Zero SO2.

Looks almost orange in colour, but this is from time in the barrel, not from maceration. Aromas of lemons, honey, barley, apples, pineapple, florals, and that underground Loire cellar smell. Sweet fruit, clean and fresh, and slightly tingly and frosty on the palate. After time you get that Limestone influence on nose. Definitely very frosty on the palate. A little bit saline too. The wine is lightly textured, gentle and silky, but with time builds tension. Nice limestone grip on finish. The acidity reminds me of mandarins and lemons, and is quite juicy. It's not sharp or hard in any way - it's soft and gentle, and gives a nourishing sensation. Acidity quite electric on day 2 - I should mention that these wines are super solid and can stay open without issue. This is a really expressive wine, and a unique example of the variety. You have been converted!

Loire Valley
Sauvignon Blanc
2016 VDF 'Surin'