Chapuis et Chapuis



Chapuis et Chapuis was founded by brothers Romain and Jean-Guillaume Chapuis in 2009. Jean-Guillaume handles the business side of the operation, and Romain is the winemaker. Both tend to their family vineyards, with holdings now at 4.2ha (all certified organic). The also have a negocé arm to the business, buying organic grapes from friends to create a well thought out range that caters to all budgets. They are from a winemaking family in Aloxe-Corton, so have been around vineyards all their lives.

Romain studied wine in North-East France, before working in Lebanon, New Zealand and even here in Australia. He also spent three years working with Philippe Pacalet, (ex Prieuré Roch). He now has his own identity and style, creating impressive wines with catchy labels - with the aim of keeping Burgundy accessible. He produces a versatile collection of regional level Burgundy right up to Grand Cru, as well as classy sparklings and Coteaux Bourguignons.

The wines are vinified in their new winery in Ladoix-Serrigny. The grapes are fermented on their natural yeasts, without any additives, with only a small amount of sulfites added prior to bottling to ensure the wines are stable and clean. The higher end cuvées also see a small percentage of new oak. 

These are new age Burgundies that provide drinkers with a fresh perspective to what the region has to offer, all with incredible value - vibrant and energetic wines that are sure to delight!