2019 AOP Arbois 'La Cabane'

Domaine de la Touraize

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Ploussard from lieu-dits La Touraize and Curoulet. The vines are 30-50 years old and grow on grey marl. The grapes are de-stemmed carefully by hand, and then placed in a tank which is inerted with CO2. Macerated for 10 days, then after fermentation, transferred to old foudre for 7 months.

So light this year. Amazing colour. There is a gentle reduction on opening, but it disappears quite quickly and becomes very free and expressive. An array of red berries and red apple. Subtle bacon notes. Everything is more refined this year. Less punch. More glou glou style, but still a wine. Lot of red roses, so pretty. So much lighter. Hidden spices. The perfume is delicate, yet exotic – exactly what you want from Ploussard. With air it’s so good. Would be amazing to age too. So supple and slippery in the mouth. There are the finest tannins, and you may not notice them. Becomes quite mineral on the nose as it opens up. Sweet delicate fruits, red berries, red roses, and just so easy to drink. Better slightly cold to increase freshness - but not so cold that you block the flavours and aromas. So much fine detail coming through. Absolutely delicious - if you like Ploussard, you need this!

AOP Arbois
2019 AOP Arbois 'La Cabane'