Domaine Saint-Cyr 6 pack

Domaine Saint-Cyr

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There's something extra pleasing about drinking Gamay in Autumn. When you don't want something too light or too heavy, Beaujolais hits the spot. Great on it's own, or with a versatile range of dishes.

For the remainder of April, we're giving you the opportunity to save 20% on this beautiful 6 pack from Domaine Saint-Cyr. Five are Cru Beaujolais, and one is from an incredibly beautiful parcel next to the Saint-Cyr property, planted by winemaker Raphael's grandfather, 70 years ago.

Here you can explore differences in style and taste that Gamay has to offer - expressed through a range of vintages, unique terroirs and expert winemaking. 

Punching well above their weight in price to begin with, you can now have these for even more of a bargain - at $308 instead of $385. This is a great opportunity to learn about the wines of Domaine Saint-Cyr, and understand the subtle differences in terroir, that make Beaujolais such an exciting region.

What's in the pack?

$55.00 - 2021 AOC Beaujolais 'Terroir de Bellevue'

$65.00 - 2020 AOC Moulin-à-vent 'Les P'tits Bois'

$70.00 - 2020 AOC Moulin-à-vent 'La Bruyère'

$60.00 - 2020 AOC Chénas 'Robert'

$75.00 - 2019 AOC Chénas 'Les Journets'

$60.00 - 2020 AOC Morgon 'Les Charmes'

A range of different styles and tastes - refer to individual wines on website for tasting notes.

Beaujolais, Moulin-à-vent, Chénas, Morgon
Domaine Saint-Cyr 6 pack