2020 VDF 'Jules'

Domaine la Taupe

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In 2020 Domaine la Taupe purchased some organic Gamay from a friend in Franceuil, a neighbouring village in the Loir et Cher. The family went and picked the grapes themselves, and then Bert and his German intern Julian, made the wine as a collaboration. Indeed, Domaine la Taupe had never produced a rosé before, and Julian wanted to give it a crack - why not! Directly pressed and then blended with 10% Côt to give a bit more colour. The wine was aged in tank for 6 months, and then bottled unfined, unfiltered and without SO2.

Apart from the amazing colour, the wine smells of red cherries and raspberry candy. It is bright, with a beautiful freshness and lingering acidity. Raspberry, cherry, and then some pomegranate and cranberry on the wonderful tart finish. Very straight and direct on the palate with good tension. At 12%, it is made for good times!

Loire Valley
2020 VDF 'Jules'