2015 VDF 'Uccello'

Les Maisons Brûlées

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Certified biodynamic. A pét-nat made from Chardonnay. This sparkling wine took 3 years to complete fermentation, and is all the more complex for it. Incredible. Zero sulfites.

Perfect bubbles - not too sharp, not too gentle, right on the money. Lots of energy and no signs of fatigue for a pét-nat of this age. Very clean in the glass with no reduction. Bright with white florals, jasmine and delicate honeydew. Smells like fresh air and lemonade. It has a calmness about it, yet the vibrancy is apparent and it is playful. So easy to drink, not challenging in any way. Just super delicious and perfectly balanced. A group of friends having a great time with no effort - that’s this wine. Some sea spray on the nose but not too salty. Very clean actually. Almost tastes like lemonade but less sweet. The bubbles are nicely prominent but not imposing, and dissolve well and leave a nice imprint in your mouth. These zingy energy beads buzz and cut through the complex texture of this wine. There is a beautiful mouth feel here without being sticky or full, just fresh, lingering and seductive. Such a classy pét-nat. Do I enjoy this more than Champagne? In some instances yes - it's not as refined, but it's more relaxed. More character, more soul. Deep in the glass and I'm back on site - Loire cellar, limestone for days, heaps of life. Lingering loveliness. Delineates effortlessly into pleasure town. Sea shell finish with sideline lemon and barley. Yum.

Loire Valley
2015 VDF 'Uccello'