2017 VDF 'Un Grain de Folie'

Domaine Mămărutá

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A rosé made from 70% Syrah, and 30% Cinsault. Direct press, slow ferment, and then 6 months in stainless steel on lees. Zero SO2.

Frosty chilled strawberries and raspberry slushi aromas. Slightly reductive initially, but clears with air. Clean and lifted, delicate petals. To drink it’s so tasty. Has that frosty thing, a touch of sweetness, nice texture, not harsh in any way like so many rosés. Some nice tannins and tension in the back. Some sensations like biting into a pear, but maybe not the pear flavours. Maybe a touch of the skin. The way the texture is delivered is something else. Excellent rosé for the price!

Syrah, Carignan
2017 Un Grain de Folie