2018 VDF 'Uccello'

Les Maisons Brûlées

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A pét-nat made from Chardonnay, with 5% Menu Pineau added just before bottling. 18 months on lees before disgorgement. Certified biodynamic. Zero SO2.

Fresh clean nose. Lots of lemon, hay and salinity. Fresh meadows, fresh air, and spring blossoms. Sea breeze in the distance. Very lively and inviting. Tiny sharp bubbles on impact, and the delivery afterwards is a sign that this is very well put together. Very Kombucha like in style. High acidity, super dry and very fresh. Lime and herbs, tonic salts. A great aperitif. Where the 2015 is round and textured, the 2018 is light, sharp and spritzy. Way more linear if you like. Very nice to try both side by side. Gooseberries and cucumber for a bit of a twist. Great bubble work here – piercing with lots of drive. This is very unique and quite different. I love pét-nats from France, and this is a great example of something that is different to the norm, but of very high quality. A great way to start the night, refresh yourself, and awaken the senses.

Loire Valley
Chardonnay, Menu Pineau
2018 VDF 'Uccello'