2019 VDF 'Grain Super Plus'

Grain par Grain

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Altesse from Bugey, in the commune of Corbonod. Cclay-limestone terroir. Crushed then pressed in a vertical ratchet press, 9 months aging in barrels. GRAIN SUPER PLUS because the cuvée matured in the same barrel as GRAIN SUPER PLUS 18 (Jacquère grape variety in 2018).

Cloudy appearance, lovely yellow colour. Big smell of freshly picked quince – smell the fuzz. Amazing floral smell with pear skin dust. Smells a bit like soap, but in a nice way – soft and floral, but natural. Smooth and full, with low acidity. Lots of flavour, gentle stewed pear, and lots of energy. This is very unique, I’ve never tasted Altesse like this. Perfect balance, and just so tasty. Very easy to drink, super smooth. Unchallenging, and very approachable. The texture is full but not heavy, and has that nice sugar energy. This is really, really good. 11.4% alc.

2019 VDF 'Grain Super Plus'