2014 VDF 'Chic et pas Cher'

Domaine Léonine

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40% Syrah, 50% Grenache noir, 10% Carignan. 10 to 25-year old vines, on draining soils composed of sandy silt and pebbles. Carbonic maceration between 10-20 days, pressed, then aged in old barrels for 6 months. Bottled by gravity.

Nice nose of damson plums, spice, liquorice and chocolate. Maybe something herbaceous too – kind of foresty. Violets in the background too. Simple, but still packed with a lot of flavour. Black fruits, black rock, chocolate – nice texture, some hints of tamarind. Very easy to drink. Gentle tannins, medium acidity – nicely balanced if a touch wild – in a good way. Pretty smooth to drink though. Good tension as well. Liquorice notes become more apparent on finish.

Grenache Noir, Syrah, Carignan
2014 Chic et pas Cher